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I was born on 10 July in Salisbury, Wiltshire to a German mother and scientist father.

We moved to the little village of Stratford sub Castle when I was in my teens and

where my mother still lives in the shadow of a magical Roman fort, Old Sarum.  It was

an inspiring place to live.


My childhood was very happy and I spent many an hour writing stories just for



I took degrees in both Fine Arts and Psychology and after the usual student years

living in a variety of unusual places including a remote lock cottage in rural

Warwickshire, I now live in Stratford upon Avon with my husband Saul.  I have a son,

Miles and a stepdaughter Phoebe.  


I have travelled throughout Europe for my work and currently work in Media and Advertising.


My father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2006 and our worlds changed forever.   I put pen to paper and started to write The Silent Scream.  I guess it was my way of dealing with life at such a cruel time.   It wasn't an easy book to write, moments flowed and then came to a complete stop.  From many words, The Silent Scream erased and condensed itself into simply nine chapters, from the macrocosm of thoughts to the microcosm of words.   I wanted others to know how silently MND stole into our lives before losing its grip later on the same year.   I hope that you will read my words and will understand my need to have written them.


I am on my journey with my second book.  From fact to fantasy..


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