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A thought provoking and educational read. This is a beautifully written story detailing the

final nine months of a husband and father who is forced to deal with an unstoppable disease.

The story is captivating and thought provoking. Being well written with good pace and structure

I found myself easily drawn into the story. Although the final outcome is not a mystery the

author successfully engages the reader with a series of unknown and unexpected developments

as the disease progresses. Throughout I found myself wondering 'what next?' and questioning

myself about how my family and I would cope with such a savage disease. The author cleverly

educates the reader and although tells a devastating story she paints an underlying picture of

beauty, warmth and love. By using detailed descriptive language the author writes efficiently

creating vivid imagery in the readers mind. Many descriptive phrases throughout the text serve

to embellish the story and befittingly pay respect to an intelligent and passionate man. I

recommend this book to health care professionals and families dealing with life changing

illnesses such as Motor Neurone Disease. More simply I would recommend this book to anyone

who has forgotten how lucky they are to be fit and well.

- Mr A J Blewer


'A beautifully written book but a painful read as we share the inexorable destruction of a

once vigorous man, loved father and husband.


Why was this good man struck down in his prime! A chance throw of the genetic dice or an

apparently innocuous lifestyle choice, more likely perhaps a combination of the two, a

genetic vulnerability waiting to triggered. The only certainty seems to be that, so far, there is

little that can be be done to slow, far less halt the dreadful consequences as the body

become locked in a war with itself.


We feel a dreadful claustrophobia, the pain of an intellect trapped in a failing body, mind still

free to fly but increasingly reliant on others to perform almost every function. Knowing and

helpless to prevent loved ones suffering only adds to the misery until finally the end comes

and release!


No-one who reads this book can be unmoved.


Surely if proof were needed, then this is it, nature doesn't play favourites, there is no justice. But

there has to be hope.  Hope that one day a cure will be found. '

- John T. Lewis


'I bought this book because a friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with this cruel disease.

The vivid descriptions of nature as they would appear to some one in this condition are quite

touching. They make you realise that we do not appreciate the wonderful world we live in until

such disasters befall us. Food for thought indeed but a sad description of the deterioration of the

stages of this illness also described as little deaths.'

- Rosalind Draper


'This is a well written account of how MND takes over your body and how no amount of fighting it

will make a difference. This book has in a way made me realise more what my mum went

through in silence. It shows how quickly things we take for granted can change and then be gone

speech movement etc. the title really says it all. I found some bits hard to read as memories came

flooding back. A cure needs to be found for this devasting disease. My mum once wrote in a email

to a friend whom had cancer " I would swap with you in a heart beat as at least I would get a

chance to fight it ". Please let's do all we can to get this cure. Well done C.A.Warren-Howles'

- Fiona


'Very moving book. Beautifully written. Made me think about my own mortality in a way I rarely


- Gavin Griffiths


'My love and admiration for Cohl writing this book and the years it has taken for her words to

appear on the pages of The Silent Scream.'

- Saul Warren-Howles


'Although this book is centered around a very difficult subject I was so glad I read it. It was interesting to read it from the patient's perspective - understanding his fear & trepidation made the disease even more brutal...Great books are the ones that make you think - and this one definitely did that.'

- by Helen Rands


'This title is very fitting.  I love the quotes found on some of the pages and looked forward to the next one.  I felt like I was going through the experience myself, very

easy to put yourself there.  Fantastic read and very enlightening into Motor Neurone Disease and the effects it has on everyone'

-Melissa Humphries-Brown


'This book is well written with clear descriptions of various things.  Scenery, feelings, situations are all described in beautiful prose..  This book makes you think to yourself, what if?  We all know that death will take us one day but we never think about when or how it might happen.  The subject of the book is about a very capable man who is affected by a condition which affects 2 people in 100,000.  The story has affected me and will alter my outlook.'

- GrudgeJules

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